How to become a Marquiz partner

The instruction for registering in the Marquiz affiliate program

Marquiz affiliate program conditions:

Your reward for new clients is 25% commission from each client's payments and 25% of the revenue of that client in our affiliate program (if their clients register in the affiliate program).

Note: Your account registration is subject to pre-moderation.

Who is admitted to the affiliate program:

• Marketers

 Platforms with an audience

Other individuals who have ideas for promoting the product.

Please attach a link to your website/page on social networks so we can verify this information.

The goal of the referral program is to encourage partners to spread information about our product, not to receive discounts.

To participate in the Marquiz affiliate program, you need to:

1. Register on the affiliate program website.

2. Wait for your application to be approved.

3. And done!

It's also possible to create an individual promo code for your audience, which the referred customer will enter during registration and receive bonus leads to their balance. Promo codes are more convenient to share, for example, during public speeches. To create a promo code, reach out to us in the support chat.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I register using my own referral link?

No. Self-referrers are strictly prohibited. The goal of the referral program is to encourage partners to spread information about our product, not to receive discounts.

Can I register on behalf of my clients through my referral link?

During registration on one computer with multiple referral links, the registration may not go through and the user will not be counted as your referral partner. It's recommended that clients register through your link on their own.

My friend/client signed up without a referral link. What should I do?

If the client didn't register through your referral link, they will not be considered your referral partner. You can ask your client to register again.

Why are my subscriptions and/or rewards not showing?

Our tracking is based on the browser's cookie files, so if you used a different browser/device to visit and register, cleared your cookies, used incognito, or subscribed through your own referral link, then the registration cannot be tracked. If you are 100% sure that the registration or sale was not properly tracked, please contact our referral platform provider at

How long does a cookie file exist?

A cookie file exists for 60 days. If the user buys the product after 60 days from the first visit, the conversion will no longer be tracked.

How do I withdraw my money?

To withdraw funds from the affiliate program, you need to contact us in the customer service chat. This can be done by clicking on the hand emoji in the lower right corner of the website or in your personal account.

Interface Description:

CLICKS - The number of clicks on your referral link;

SIGNUPS - The number of people who registered using your referral link;

CUSTOMERS - The number of people who have added funds to their Marquiz account;

AWAITING PAYOUT - The expected payout amount.

Dashboard - The main page of the affiliate program personal account;

Details - Statistics for the week/month/six months;

Rewards - List of commissions earned from referrers;

Sub-affiliates - Referral link for sub-referrers (you don't need this tab);

Payouts - List of payouts from the affiliate program;

Assets - Links to advertising materials from Marquiz.

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