Where to start: getting bonus leads

Everything to know about bonus leads and how to receive them

You can create and use quizzes for free right after registration. We do not have restrictions on functionality or a trial period.

Choose and pay for a subscription plan only for the number of leads that get used when clients complete your quizzes. To make sure you can get well acquainted with our quiz builder, get value in leads, and decide to choose a subscription plan, Marquiz gives you an opportunity to receive bonus leads.

Bonus leads

Here's what you need to know about bonus leads:

• you can receive them within 24 hours after registration and use them for 14 days,

• you can receive up to 70 bonus leads,

• to receive bonus leads, you have to complete bonus tasks,

 unused bonus leads remain on your balance after the first payment,

• when you run out of bonus leads or 14 days they are active, quizzes continue working as before but newly received leads will be closed (you can access them after payment for a subscription plan).

Bonus tasks

Now let's take a closer look at the tasks you need to complete to receive bonus leads.

How to get bonus leads in Marquiz 1

To complete Task 1, you will need to tell us a little about yourself. This will help us respond to requests faster and connect technical support or marketers to solve your problems.

After filling in all fields, click the Done button and get +10 leads to the balance of your account:How to get bonus leads in Marquiz 2

To complete Task 2, you will need to create a quiz and set up questions. You can do it by clicking on the Create quiz and set up questions button -> Create:How to get bonus leads in Marquiz 3

How to get bonus leads in Marquiz 4

After choosing a template or creating a quiz from the scratch, give it a name and set up at least 2 questions. After that, you will get +10 leads to your balance:

How to get bonus leads in Marquiz 5

How to get bonus leads in Marquiz 6

To complete Task 3, you will need to set up an integration in the Integrations tab. You can find integration set-up guides in our Knowledge base.  After setting up an integration and publishing the quiz, you will get another +5 leads to your balance. You can set up any integrations for this task, except for analytic systems, for which the bonus won't be received.

To complete Task 4, you will need to set up auto-results. You can learn how to do this in our article. After setting it up and publishing the quiz, you will get +5 leads to your balance.How to get bonus leads in Marquiz 7

To complete Task 5, you will need to install quiz on a website and check it. To check the installation, you need to go to the Quiz installation -> Quiz installation on a website -> select the installation method that you want to use (step 1), configure its settings (step 2), and then check the installation in section 3 (step 3). After verification, you will get a record number of leads — 20.How to get bonus leads in Marquiz 8

P.S. When linking a domain, inserting a link in Instagram or installing quiz via GTM, the verification will not work. In that case, you will need to contact our support chat to activate the bonus with the message: "Please activate the bonus for installing a quiz" and attach a link to your site or Instagram profile.

To complete Task 6, you will need to receive 3 leads from one of your quizzes. You can check leads in the "My quizzes" section by clicking on the "Leads" button:How to get bonus leads in Marquiz 9

After receiving 3 leads in your quiz, you need to click the Get bonus leads button and they will be added to your balance (+10 leads).How to get bonus leads in Marquiz 10

And the final task is to recommend the service to friends. To do this, you will need to click the Recommend button, select the social network through which you want to recommend our service, and then follow the instructions. After the recommendation, you will get +10 leads to your account.How to get bonus leads in Marquiz 11

Congrats! All bonus leads are received.

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